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Essential Guide to Lava Hound! Rare Decks

OVER??9 DECKS!!!??Yes 9 decks and a secret counters??to Lava Hound! Click the DECKS button or Scroll down to section 2 to??learn the lava hound decks first DECKS We address How to counter, use and win with the Lava Hound. Before we get on with the main content, here are some things you need to know [...]

Secret Split Technique

This technique has a massive effect in countering troops such a Valk, Pekka, Baby Dragon or even a Dark Prince! The best part of the split technique is that you can do the countering by using low elixir consuming cards such as Archers or Skeletons. A quick positive elixir trade

Clash Royale Balance Changes Skeleton update

Balance changes are common almost every month to keep gameplay smooth and to make Clash Royale more enjoyable. Supercell usually takes into account the rate of usage of each card and also the win rates. The next changes focus on cards that are not used frequently and a major buff

Clash Royal: best Lava Hound Strategy

The Lava Hound is a tank costing 7 elixir, it is low damage but has the advantage of being an air unit, meaning grounded melee troops can???t hurt it. The Lava Hound needs a deck to be built around it in order to be useful and so I???ll cover a

Clash Guru, How to get GEMS for FREE Legally!!!

At clash guru we want to give back. In This Article I will Outline a way to??Get Gems in Clash Royale Without Spending any Money. As for us giving you back, lets clear some misconceptions. Any website that promises you free gems as a hack or a glitch are most

How to use the balloon properly (STRATEGY)

Slow movement. High damage. Single Target. Yes, the all-time favourite loons deal critical damage to towers if used in the correct manner. The balloon also deals damage when it dies by dropping an area damage bomb. Loons can really help you win a lot of matches if the timing and

TOP 5 TIPS for Clash Royale Beginners

Here is a list of some of the things that I???ve learned playing Clash Royale, this advice is mainly geared towards people in arenas 4, 5 and 6 but anybody can learn from it. Don???t overreact to losing streaks If you have a deck that has been working out for

How to counter the Sparky

Low range high HP annihilator that can almost take out a tower if our countering fails. The Sparky deals heavy area damage and can take out Giants and Pekka with 1 or 2 shots. As always , every troop has a disadvantage and for Sparky, it has a slow hit