Articles by Master Piggy

How to Win Every Battle with Prince, Clash Royale

Do you have the Prince Card unlocked? If not come back when you have unlocked it. Here is how you utilize the Prince to win at arena 0-3 battles. DECK Strategy Pick a side of the arena (usually the side your opponent is deploying his troops) Start off with low cost squishy cards (Ex: Goblins, [...]

3 Ways to Deal with Baby Dragon, Clash Royale

The Baby dragon, cute yet with its deadly area splash damage is an epic obstacle in our path to victory. So let me offer you some insight into how I deal with the dragon problem at lower levels. Explanation and deployment strategy1. Musketeer Why? Your number one defence against the Baby Dragon should be the [...]

Clash Royale Deck

Arena 3 Barbarian Bowl: Battle Deck As we near the global launch of Clash Royale, I think everyone will be wondering what is the best Clash Royale strategy at their arena level (trophy count). So here is a break down of my deck and an explanation as to why I use them. This deck can [...]

Three Crown Draw

So guys, I was playing Clash Royale the other day and got in a Three Crown Draw! Yes you read that right, THREE (3). I was taking my usual troop comp which includes; Dragon, Witch, Skeletons etc. This guy had Hog riders and I thought, Well that will be the

Humble beginnings

Hey guys, Clash Royale is an exciting new addition to the Clash of Clan family by the Supercell creators. It has so far managed to captivate me and living in Canada I have had the privilege??of ??testing it out. It is a fast paced and action packed card game featuring