How to use SECRET Elixir Overcharge!!!

Elixir Overcharge Strategy Clash Royale

Rushing at your opponent or saving your elixir during the start of the battle?


It is better to wait for your opponent to make the first move so that you can give the perfect counter move! Did you know that it is possible to charge entirely up to 0.9 elixir? This is a technique that requires the gamer to understand the elixir bar. If you can make use of the elixir bar to your advantage, a huge difference will be there on the outcome of the battle. Let us look at the technique of Elixir Overcharging:

  • During the first two minutes, we gain elixir at the rate of 2.8 seconds. At the 60 second mark, elixir regenerates at twice the rate that is every 1.4 seconds.
  • Now, since we know that one elixir regenerates at 2.8 seconds, we can drop any card at 2.7 seconds.


  • Here, elixir overcharging resets back to zero.

We need to have a clear understanding of deploying the troops. Seldom people know that there is a 1 second intentional server delay before the troop is initiated on the battlefield. Keeping the server delay in mind, the ideal time to deploy the troop is at 1.7 second since elixir overcharge deployment occurs at 2.7 seconds. Timing should be adjusted accordingly, if your connection is poor.

Here???s a tip:

  • Using the bar flashing after it reaches full, deploy the troop at 1.7 bar flashes. The unit has to use the one second before it overcharges to 1 elixir.
  • Regeneration of elixir happens at a quick pace that is every 1.4 second after 1 minute of time. As soon as the bar hits 10, we have to deploy the troops otherwise the elixir overcharge will be wasted.
  • An elixir collector pumps elixir at every 9.8 seconds. Overcharging of the elixir should be accompanied by the close monitoring of the elixir pump
  • The elixir pump will not pump elixir, until the bar has space, which results in the storage of the elixir. We can back two elixirs for a huge push by backing an elixir from the pump when you overcharge the bar. The disadvantage of this is that the lifetime of the elixir pump depletes when it is sitting at full charge.
  • The elixir overcharge can be stored at two places. The elixir collector and the elixir bar. If the timing for the overcharge is not perfect with the one already banked in the elixir pump, it will over-write the one you would get from the elixir bar.

Basically , the elixir overcharge technique gives a 1 elixir advantage over your opponent which makes a considerable difference on the outcome of your battle.??


  • The elixir collector is ready to pump out one elixir around the time that we plant our overcharge which results in the bar jumping to 10. Failing to notice this can result in completely losing our overcharge.

Want to learn how to utilize the royal giant like the pros?

NOTE??: Credit for this concept goes to Yarn from Orange juice??he has a video that explains this concept visually and you guys should check him out!

**NOTE Supercell decided to remove this extra drop in a recent update ???? keep posted for more content. **

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