Hog Rider Freeze Strategy

Hogrider freeze strategy

How to Deploy the Hog

  1. Enemy is running low on elixir
  2. You must have freeze in your current deck or it must be coming up
  3. Make sure that your elixir counter shows 5-7 at the time you put down the hogs
  4. You must have at least level 3+ hogs

Using the Freeze Effectively

Follow These Guidelines after putting the hog down

  1. Dont rush to freeze
  2. Always wait for your hog to get relatively close to the towers
  3. If they deploy defence very early and your hog is almost dying dont waste the freeze (This is important because we dont want to be out of elixir when they counter attack)
  4. If the opponent do not deploy any troops to deal with the hog, wait on the freeze (This is because some players will wait for you to use the freeze and quickly put down goblins to get rid of your hog)


Step 1: Wait for your opponent to make an offensive.

Step 2: Once they spent certain amount of elixir place your hog.

Step 3: quickly have freeze selected and be ready to deploy it quickly

Step 4: Once the enemy troops deploy the defensive troops quickly freeze them.

Step 5: Wait and build elixir for a possible counter attack.


  • Hold freeze over the building without letting go for quicker deployment.
  • Dont panic when freezing this could result in misplaced freeze that leave out, for example 1 minion out of a horde of minions
  • Try not to use freeze for skeleton army, however if you are going to use it on them make sure you wait for the right time when they circle around him for maximum effect.
  • Use a defensive building prior to Hog and freeze so the counter is dealt with properly.

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