Pekka Double Prince Strategy Deck

pekka double prince clash royaleWe teach you the best pekka double prince strategy online for clash royale

The double Prince Pekka combo or also known as the 4P???s combo( including the princess) is one among the best OP decks out there. This devastating combo when used just right , can get you all three crowns with just one major push. Yes. ONE major push is all that takes to rip your enemy apart! Now why the double Prince combo is so effective is due to the critical strike of the Prince and the splash damage of the Dark Prince.


  • Prince: Deals a lot of damage to towers with a huge amount of HP. The charged strike from the Prince hits the towers with critical damage. One among the main hard hitters along with the Pekka.
  • Dark Prince: Top splash damage troop. You use it behind your prince to get maximum damage as it can give a big blow to troops that come to block your prince???s way.
  • Pekka: A tank and damage dealer at the same time. Used for tanking our double Prince. Even if Pekka gets 1 proper hit on the enemy tower, it makes a huge difference. The only problem with Pekka is its speed. Really slow.
  • Elixir Collector: The key role in the major rush. Provides that much wanted elixir throughout the game. It also can help in defending your base. Sometimes your enemy might even hit your elixir with the rocket that cost them 6 elixirs. Big loss on their part!
  • Arrows: Keep them always ready to finish off the pesky swarm troops that always come as a disturbance to your melee attackers. You won???t always have the wizard to counter!
  • Princess: Princess always come in handy to take out the defending low HP troops. The ranged strike of the princess proves to be very useful.
  • Ice wizard: A great support to your melee troops. Splash damage from your wizard can help you clear the path for you Prince and Pekka.
  • Freeze: Time to get your enemy troops frozen! This spell should be used at the crucial moment of your major push. That is when your 3Ps are targeting the enemy tower. Freeze can also be used for defending.


If you do not have the Princess and Ice wizard or any one of these, you can substitute it with Minion Horde and/or archers. They work fine too.

Attack Strategy!

  • Start off with the elixir collector to help gain elixir for your major push. Play defensive to see what you are up against. Leave your Pekka or Dark Prince according to what your enemy attacks you with.
  • When starting your attack, ALWAYS leave your Pekka from behind your king???s tower to get some time to plant next troop. Leave your Dark Prince behind your prince when attacking. Also, support it with wizard or princess to take care of air units.
  • Keep your arrows ready in case enemy swarm troops spawn. In case your elixir pump gets destroyed , plant another one soon to go for your major push.
  • Now the major push is Pekka+ 2 Prince+ Freeze and if possible some other troop to support. Make sure your Pekka and Prince combo reach the enemy tower. As soon as they reach , drop the freeze spell you have been saving for this moment. It will be an instant demolition! Unstoppable strike if all goes well. It will most probably be the game winner. Now the major push is up to you to decide as to when you should do it. Just make sure your enemy cannot leave many troops to counter it. An ideal time to do the major push would be the double elixir time!

Watch this strategy in action on??eclihpses??youtube channel!

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