How to Counter Royal Giant FAST

Royal giant

Royal Giant was a card that nobody used for ages, until super cell buffed the royal giant to be completely beastly. When used properly royal giant can be used to push trophies all the way up to the legendary arena.


TIP #1

  • Use the inferno tower.

    • I know ton of people dont like using the inferno tower but if you are constantly bombarded with royal giants that wreck your towers then its time to switch that witch for a inferno tower.??Inferno tower does greater damage as it is being aimed at the target. You can watch heavy HP cards go down in matter of few seconds.
    • What you need to do is plant the inferno 2 tiles from the edge of your tower and 3 tiles from the river. MAKE SURE that you only place the inferno tower just as the royal giant enters the your side of the arena. This will take bit of practice and correct timing to get done properly. If you are bit early the royal giant will target your inferno tower and kill it. If you are too late then the it would have already be focused on your tower. You want to time is so that the royal giant take damage from the arena tower and he is focused on the inferno tower.
    • If you mess up the timing of the inferno you can use zap on the royal giant to reset his target to the inferno.
    • Make sure you use other smaller troops to lure the royal giant support so that the inferno??focus on target

TIP #2

  • Use the cannon (inferior to inferno)

    • Place the cannon 1 time from the edge of the arena tower and 3 from the river.
    • Cannon must be supported by other troops or you will lose it fast and royal giant will still eat away at your towers. So the best thing to do is to use goblins, skeletons (4) this is a good deal as you will gain 1 or 2 elixir advantage from this defence.
    • Make sure you have a second plan if the opponent zap your small troops.


  • Use goblins or skeletons as a collective to kill the royal giant

    • If the royal giant is not with support then, use skeletons or goblins to kill it.
    • This is a huge elixir positive trade and you can counter push for victory
    • you can use the minion hoard to deal with the royal giant but one arrow shot and you are gonna lose your tower. Instead use the zap and 3 minions. This is a elixir positive trade and will help you counter push. Aim the zap to kill any small supporting troops they may pair the royal giant with.


  • Barbarians are the best defence

    • As a collective these does absolutely amazing to defend against any type of high hp troops.
    • place the barbs right on the royal giant so they surround and hack.
    • If the opponent use other support troops to distract the barbarians use zap to deal with them. Even though it is negative elixir trade it is worth it to prevent damage to your towers.


  • Mini Pekka

    • Its simple with this guy, he hits hard but is sort of slow so you might take few hits
    • This is a huge positive elixir trade too so you can then place down other supporting cards like splash to quickly counter and take down their towers.
    • You can use the zap the to try to minimize the damage to your towers but this will even out your elixir trade

Now that you know how to counter this giant lets learn how to use them to win here

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